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August 16th, 2016


Today was our full day in Osaka. Sort of. Me and K decided to go to Hiroshima and the shrine and world peace memorial there. We got train tickets for the trip yesterday, so we caught the train at about 850. It was about a 2 hour train ride to Hiroshima. Once we got there, we took a local train, and then boarded a ferry and went out to Miyajima island. Once we got off, we went looking for a restaurant that K liked that served really good oysters. There's lots of deer on this island! And they're super tame! We went through this crowded touristy area looking for the restaurant. They weren't doing the oyster set that day, so we settled for an oknomoyaki restaurant that had oysters. We got some squid also! It was delicious! After that, we decided to take the ropeway up Mt Misen to the top, since it had some cool views and some cute stuff to do. We skipped the bus and walked to the ropeway, since it wasn't too terribly far. We had to take two ropeway cars to the top. The first one held 4-6 people, and the second held about 15. The mountain was a lot taller than I expected! Once we got up there, we got to make some cool little pastries, and we took a cute couples photo where we lit an eternal flame for our love! We got two little maple pastry trinkets too! It was getting close to time to head back, so I took a few photos from near the top, and we headed back down. We got on the ferry, and rushed back to the local train station. We had to grab unreserved seats, so we were a tiny bit worried, but we got great seats! Once we got back to Osaka, it was really late, so we headed back to the apartment and went to bed. It had rained some in Osaka as well. Tomorrow, we go to Kyoto!

August 14th, 2016


Today was another travel day. We packed up our stuff and left after a light breakfast at the house. We had some really good veggies, mushrooms, and rice! We got to have raw egg on the rice too! It was good! Minako and her family was super nice! She added us on Facebook. We left their place and headed to the station. The Tildens exchanged their JR passes, and we got reserved seats for 3:50ish. We got lunch at the chain restaurant where me and K ate at in Kyoto. I got a dish with mayo and beef. We explored the mall for a little bit, but there weren't too many terribly interesting shops. I saw a shop with a few cool Pokemon goods, but I thought it would be best to wait until we were at a Pokemkn Center. Once we got on the train, it took us about 3 hours to get to Osaka. Once we were there, we dropped off our luggage at the Airbnb, and K left some of hers in a coin locker. They had just left the door unlocked for us, which was kind of interesting.

We went to get dinner at a large mall after that. K and me shared some takoyaki, and we went to a dessert place. There, me and K shared a parfait, and two pancakes. The parfait had matcha ice cream in it! They were both delicious! Dan was a little tired, so we went back to the apartment after that. This one has western style beds. I kinda like the futons. This apartment is pretty small. I kinda like the ones where we get to meet the host a little more.

August 13th, 2016


The family we're staying with made us breakfast today! It was really good! There was veggies and rice and mushrooms and soup! After that, we went to Comiket, so Anamary could cosplay and we could shop around. It was pretty crowded when we got there. I was surprised that it was free to get in. There was lots of good cosplay! Someone was cosplaying as a Pokestop! They even used the right picture and were at the right location! I got a cute Pikachu fanbook from the vendors. After they closed, we took a ferry closer to the ocean. We went looking for a gundam statue that Dan and Anamary wanted a picture in front of. They had a good small Gunfam cafe as well! There was a huge mall, but we didn't go in. After that, we met these cool college aged people that were haunting out and playing a drinking game and listening to music. Everyone stood in a circle, and on a count of 3, people could choose to stick a thumb up. If the person who was taking a turn guessed the number of thumbs up, they stepped out of the circle. The last person in had to drink. We (mostly K) talked for a bit, and then went on to dinner. We ate at a family style Chinese restaurant. Then we went back to Kyoto and went to the house. For some reason, it was hilarious when we crunched down Mudkip into a compressed bag. We imagine we were grinding him into Poke candy. I probably laughed too hard at that. The futons we're using are pretty comfortable. It's a bit hot at night, but nothing too bad.


Today was a travel day. We left the stuff we bought with Kazu and he's going to forward them to the airport. His girlfriend bought me and K cute gifts! A good luck charm, and a neckerchief with Mt. Fuji on it! The new rolling cart we got for my carry on is a bit difficult to use, but I think I'll get used to it. The Tildens plane got delayed for about 3 hours, so when we got to Tokyo, me and K went ahead and dropped our stuff off where we're staying. It's about a 1 km walk from the station, and it's near a Shinto shrine. It's a really nice place! We'll be staying in a tatami room on the first floor, and the family that owns it is upstairs. The owners name is Minako. After we dropped our stuff off, me and K went to eat at a good Japanese restaurant. On our way to meet the Tildens at the station, we texted them and found they were having a little trouble getting cash for subway tickets because they didn't exchange currency, and all the places to do it were closed. So we bought tickets and went and picked them up. Then we headed back to the house. The family we're staying with is super nice! This is gonna be fun!

August 11th, 2016


Today was a fun day! We went to the hundred yen store (Daiso?) in the morning. We got a bunch of cool stuff for the house. Then we went by a McDonald's on the way back. I got a burger with pineapple on it. They have waffle fries at the McDonalds here. After that, we went back to Kazu's place and organized our stuff. I studied Japanese a little more after we got back. K's friends from Towada came by, and we went to Cocos and got desserts and soda bar. We hung out with them and talked for a bit. We went by their house to pick up their daughter, and then we set out to pick up the carts I forgot to get for our luggage. We got one good one. And went by 2 other stores, but we only could find another smaller one. Then we went to a huuuuuge conveyor belt sushi place! It was really cool! They had a touch screen where you could order food, and it would come around to you once it was made. They had chicken sushi and hamburger sushi, and a few more I'd never tried before, like mackerel. We got some sake too! It tasted better than I remembered. After that, we left and went back to Kazu's place and took Elle for a walk. It was a nice night. We got a little lost for a few minutes, but nothing too bad. We went to the park we ate at before, that K would often go by. We went Pokémon hunting for a bit there, and then went by a convenience store on the way back.

August 10th, 2016


We took the train out to Hakodate in Hokkaido today. We got toast and a lemon tea just before we got on the train. It was about a 90 minute trip or 2 hours I think. We went through the world's longest train tunnel to get there. Once we got there, we took a shorter train, and then a tram to get closer to the ropeway. We stopped by a Buddhist temple on the way to check it out. The rope way was really cool! The cable didn't have any supports, except for the beginning and end. The ropeway car looked like it could hold about 25 or 30 people. The view from the top was incredible! It was a clear day, and you could see for miles in every direction. They had a little sign telling you that crows may steal your food. They apparently have a hotel nearby. I don't think it's at the top. I wonder if it's close by though? We went to a restaurant at the top. They were a lot cheaper than I was expecting. I think mine was something like twenty dollars. After lunch, we went up to the roof, and took some pictures up there as well. Then we went back down the ropeway, and went by a Swinton shrine on the way back. K said this one was controversial, because of a general it honored. We got our fortunes, and there was this cute statue of an owl that you're supposed to touch for good luck. I wanted to try whale burger on the way back, since Hakodate is known for that, but we didn't have time. We had to rush a little to get back in time for the train. We got some cute Bento for the train back. Once we got back home, we hung out with Kazu for a bit and watched a little Japanese TV, and I studied some more Japanese.


We were originally thinking about going out to Hokkaido today, but Kazu was still feeling under the weather, so me and K walked to Misawa. We got some Bento from a local supermarket and ate in the park. After that, we went Pokémon hunting for a little bit, and did some sightseeing too. I got to see the entrance to the air force base! We went to a big store that had all kinds of different stuff. I think a lot of it was secondhand, with some new stuff too. The store was playing a Limp Bizkit bootleg for some reason. They had games, Manga, movies, amine collectibles, Plushies. Everything! I got a few Manga I thought was Azumanga Daioh, but I was wrong. They still look cool though! I also got a Moore plushie for cheap, and a few gifts. I considered getting a Japanese 3ds. But for now I just got a few Japanese DS games, since they're region free. After that, we went walking again. K showed me a few places she remembered from growing up here. We went to a noodles shop, but they were closed until later. Kazu was feeling a bit better, so he came and picked us up from the noodles place. We went and got tickets for Hokkaido tomorrow and also went by a supermarket slash fresh market for a bit. They had so much cool stuff! They also had an area where you could barbecue your own food! K said she went to that place a lot while growing up. After that, We went back to his place for a bit, and his son dropped by. We went out for sushi then. We ate at this really cool restaurant with tatami mats! You had to take your shoes off and everything! The food was delicious! It was some of the best sushi I'd ever had! The salmon egg sushi was my favorite! After that, we stopped by a convenience store on the way home, and I replaced my cooling towel, and got socks and cooling deodorant tissues. The new cooling towel is a much better smaller size. After that, we went back to Kazu's place. We got tickets for Hokkaido tomorrow. We're going to Hakodate over there. We're gonna go through the world's longest train tunnel for it. We'll have to get up a bit early for it, but that's been a lot easier here so far. I wonder if it will be cold up there?

August 9th, 2016


We went to Aomori for the Nebuta festival today! Kazu and Maiko drove us. We went shopping in the tourist Center for a bit and sampled some sake. The tourist building is shaped like a giant triangle! The parade was really cool! People were wearing these festival yukatas. I heard if you get one, you can walk in the parade too! Maybe next time! The floats were really elaborate and pretty. After the parade, we went back to the tourist Center, and shopped a bit more, and got some food. We got a place to watch the fireworks. It was really crowded. The fireworks were bigger and better than anything I've seen before! There was one that went really high up in the sky, and made a small explosion, but that explosion sent out all these other giant mortar fireworks all over the sky! They floated the top three floats around the bay as the fireworks went off. Me and K left and went to the train station to get back to Misawa. We got the last train out. They had added an extra one for the fireworks. It was so crowded! It took about 90 minutes to get home, and we had to stand the whole way. Kazu was feeling a bit ill, so we ended up walking to his place. It didn't take us too very long, and the walk was interesting. I hope he feels better tomorrow! I really liked the festival! K said she used to go to them when she was growing up here. I hope to come back for another one soon!

August 8th, 2016

August 6 2016

Today was a travel day. We got a late breakfast at the place where I first ate at in kyoto. K forwarded her luggage to Misawa. We took the train to Tokyo. There were some cool shops and food in the stations there. I got a Bento box! Then we took the train to Misawa. We met up with K's friend, Kazu and Maiko. They're super nice! Kazu has a dog named Elle. We're going to the Nebuta festival in Aomori tomorrow. I'm super excited!

August 6th, 2016

(no subject)

Went out to the area near K's school and the Kyoto Imperial Palace today. It was super hot. I got onigiri from a few convenience stores. Those places are really nice here! We got to tour the State Residence (I think?) near the palace today. It was cool! I got some tuna and rice with raw egg for dinner. Apparently eggs are a lot safer like that here. Got to meet K's host where she stayed for the summer and get dinner. We went to a restaurant near the kyoto tower, and got to see more of kyoto station. I want to explore there more later! I hope to see the bamboo forest and thousand gate shrine too.

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